Thursday, June 30, 2011

Into The Blogosphere...

OK, so blogging has been in existence for, what...nearly ten years? And I'm just now getting around to writing one? Amazing, really, when you consider that I am a writer, and have been one--professionally--for a quarter of a century.

But I always was a late bloomer. I didn't get married until my 30s, and didn't procreate until my 40s. (Word of advice to would-be parents. There's a reason we can begin breeding when we're young; it's because we should breed when we're young.)

So this blog will be about writing. And life as a parent. And life in general. And stuff. Stuff I see every day. Stuff I think. Stuff I think and would like to say, but don't in the interest of political correctness. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say, and you have been duly warned to expect the occasional weird tangential observation of the sort which seems to percolate out of my brain on a regular, though unscheduled, basis.

But, mostly, I will talk about writing, since it's something that I do every day, whether it's a poem, or a few paragraphs of a short story, or the next scene in my in-progress novella, or something from my book of inter-connected short stories, which currently sits at about 75% done. (Yes, that's foreshadowing, and I do intend to share bits and pieces in future posts.) In fact, I want try out some in-progress material on you, and would appreciate it if you, my dear readers, would offer me honest feedback.

I hope you stop by often and read. I hope you comment. And I hope you enjoy.

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