Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Music Fest Part 3

So to continue, and perhaps wrap up my recap of the musical weekend...

We arrived in Scenery Hill around 9:00 p.m. Our friends graciously helped us get all our stuff in. (For those of you who have never traveled with kids, it's basically one suitcase and about 10 coolers, crates of toys, and other.) We took the kids up to the room, got them a snack, set up their beds, and then headed down to the party. With them.

Within about two minutes I had a glass of Cabernet in one hand, my guitar in the other, and Olivia on my lap. I couldn't help but think of the line from the Reese Witherspoon movie, Sweet Home Alabama: "Look at you, you have a baby... In a bar."

Around 10:30, we got the kids to bed and headed back down. If you're thinking, "What kind of parent would leave their kids in a hotel room," let me point out two things:

1. We had them on monitor, and
2. It's an inn, and the place is about the same size as some of our friends' houses. (In fact, it it basically a big house.)

My personal highlight from the evening...

A lady asked for some Peter, Paul, and Mary. The only tune by them that I know is "Leaving On A Jet Plane" which, of course, was written by John Denver. Standing near me were two 30-ish couples. I didn't hear them say it, but later my wife said she overheard them poo-pooing me for playing John Denver.

After I finished "Jet Plane," I asked them if they wanted to hear something.

"White Wedding" by Billy Idol, said one.
"You got it," I said. I played a little of it, but then jumped into "Dancing With Myself." It's an easier song, so I thought some of my friends could join in.

After that, I asked if they wanted anything else.

"The Smiths," one of the girls said.
I started, "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before," but again stopped short, and said, "How about 'Girlfriend In A Coma?' "
"That's my favorite!" she gushed.

After I polished off a few more requests, I thought, "So the old guy can rock." And after my wife had told me about their anti-John-Denver comments, I was even more satisfied.

We finished up around 1:00 a.m., and headed to bed.

Perhaps I will finish the story later in a future post.

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