Friday, August 12, 2011

Udopia, Finis! ...

...well, sort of.

I did finish my novella-in-progress Udopia this week. Of course, "finish" is a relative term. I have gotten the storyline from point A to point Z. The reality, though, is that point Z--the ending--has been done for quite some time. So it was a matter of connecting the beginning to the ending with...that plot garbage. But I now have done that.

It's 35,100 words, certain to grow despite the fact that I need to get out my machete and hack away at the dead wood.

Now begins the arduous but exhilarating task of going back to the beginning and:
  1. Actually making sure that everything is complete...that is, replacing all those SOMETHINGs that I use as placeholders with real words;
  2. Making sure everything flows; and
  3. Double-checking to make sure the grammar is in order.

I have just over a month until my September 15 deadline to get it into the Main Street Rag. I think I can do it. Cross your fingers. Offer some encouragement. Threaten me.

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