Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Day, Another Poem

This popped into my head Saturday night, just before bed. So I scribbled it down in bits and pieces, and finished it the next day. I could see adding more in the future, as other "green" ideas come to me. But I'm pretty happy with it now.


I feel terrible.
But I had no choice;
my hand was forced.

I stood and waited for the bus,
to take me to my job
at the food co-op,
reading the e- (rather than tree-) version
of the Times on my tablet,
at my feet,
my reusable hemp-fiber lunch bag,
organic carrots,
dolphin-safe tuna
on unbleached bread,
and a locally grown apple,
and wearing
only clothes that were not manufactured
by Chinese eight-year-olds.
And non-leather shoes.

The bus came early,
and I was forced to throw
the aluminum can
containing my half-consumed Dr. Pepper
into a "regular" trash receptacle,
because there were no others close by,
and the bus has a strict
no-open-container policy.

I hope they don't revoke
my "green card."

I'm not a huge fan of free verse. After all, what really is the difference between free verse and prose? Line length, perhaps. But in this case, it just seemed to fit.

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