Saturday, October 15, 2011

More Poetree: "All In The Name Of Regress"

I had a dickens of a time getting a photo I liked. The other day as I was taking the kids to day care, I passed under a series of wires, as I do every day. There was a morning fog with the sun filtering through. I think it would have made a spectacular pic. Why I didn't stop...I'll never know.

Of course, I suppose a misty morning will happen again, and I can get it then. But for now, this works.

All In The Name Of Regress

In 2003,
a tree
touched electricity,
and we
sat dumbly,
in antiquity
(no TV
or PCs)
for 43
We cowered
until the powers
that be
called the sawers
to cut the boughs
away from the towers.
fait accompli.
But, what's one less squirrel bower
if we
can guarantee
that we
would never see
the delivery
of our energy
interrupted by something as unlikely,
and utterly
as a tree?

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