Thursday, November 10, 2011

Castle: "Heartbreak Hotel"

I was a little disappointed with this week's episode of "Castle." While it was nice for "the boys" to have some time together, a large part of the show's energy comes from Castle's and Beckett's interaction, their romantic tension. That's why "Moonlighting" worked. And this week, Castle-Beckett was minimal. Also, the city of New York itself serves as one of the show's major characters. They almost always have some scenes outside. The inside of a casino in New Jersey just isn't as interesting.

And ...

The casino owner--the dead guy's partner--did a few things that were completely outside the realm of logic. First, he kicked Castle, Ryan, and Sanchez out of the casino, which could lead one to think that they were getting too close to the truth. But, he wasn't guilty, and he knew he wasn't guilty. So why would he stand in the way of the people who might actually be able to find his money? Then, he had Castle dragged into his office and he threatened him with a baseball bat. He said something to the effect of, "I can't beat up cops, but you..." Let's see, you escorted two NYPD officers (in Elvis garb) off the premises, and had two of your thugs carry Castle through multiple camera-monitored hallways to your office. So later, if Castle were to wind up in an ER with a fractured skull, what were you planning to say, "I have no idea how it happened. What, he claims I hit him? My word against his." I don't think so.

And in my weekly comment on "looks," I loved Alexis' "help me" look at the very end. I'm 99% certain that she was in a cell phone or cell phone provider commercial a few years back, where the mother calls her daughter her "BBF." The daughter gives the same look. I tried to Google and YouTube it, but had no success. Still, I'm pretty certain it was her.

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