Monday, December 5, 2011

It May Be None Of My Business But...

This isn't about writing. But I still feel compelled to say something...

Yesterday, my wife and I took our kids to the zoo. It was sunny and 50 degrees (in December, no less). After seeing some of the outside animals--the elephants, lions, monkeys, and giraffes--we went into the zoo's indoor rain forest. We first stopped for lunch, and then headed over to the exhibit areas.

As we passed the main entrance, in walked The Perfect Couple. Both were very attractive people. He wore a sport coat and slacks, and had thick, wavy, dark hair. She was slender, wearing stylish jeans, and had long, straight blonde hair. With them were their two kids, in a stroller, being pushed by a woman who:

1. I'm guessing was not related to either parent, and
2. I'm certain was not born in this country.

I said to my wife, "Honey, I knew you forget to bring something. Our Guatemalan maid!"

Come on, people! If you're taking your kids to the zoo, why don't YOU take them? Isn't that what family time is? I'm just wondering whom the dad plans to hire at some future date to play catch with his son. At least he'll probably take the daughter to the debutante ball when she turns 16; of course, you get your picture in the paper for that. </snotty cynicism>

Though it's not exactly the same, I once worked with a young woman from India who told me, "I do miss my parents. But I miss my servant more." Not because her servant waited on her hand and foot. Because it was her servant who raised her. I just hope these kids don't some day say the same thing.

Hey, and why not give the maid a day off while you're at it?

Oh, and who am I kidding? This will end up in a book or something some day. So I guess it ultimately is related to writing.

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