Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Little Good Press

WAY back in 2008, my friend Bill and I published Haunting Valley, a collection of ghost stories from the communities around the Chagrin Valley.

One of the stories details the "exploits" of two giant carved stone eagle statues that sit at the end of a driveway on Music Street. In my story, they come to life, swooping down out of the night sky and snatching terriers.

A year or so ago, I got a call from Malcolm Rockwood, the gentleman who lives there. He said he really appreciated the story, though it's not true, he pointed out.

The other night, he called to say that there was an article in the Middlefield Post which detailed how the eagles had been moved to Huntsburg. And he made sure to tell the reporter that the eagles not only were beautiful works of art, but that they had been immortalized in a great literary piece. (That would be our book.)

Here is a zoom-in of the article.

Pretty neat, huh?

Now what everyone needs to do is contact the paper and ask why they've never done a review of Haunting Valley, or an interview with the authors.


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