Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Day, Another 100 Words

by Michael Seese

I enjoy starting the week with one of agent Janet Reid's 100-word flash fiction contests. It's a good mental exercise, not to be confused with a mental exorcise, which writing frequently is.

The words this time:


My story is titled "Miscommunication."

“You’re texting as I speak?”
    “Yes. Is that OK?”
“I suppose.”
    “Go on. What does the law say?”
“It’s very clear. We’ve been doing this for millennia.”
    “Really? Good to know. What are some specifics?”
“Make sure the blade is sharp, so the kill is quick. Don’t twist it.”
    “Sounds merciful.”
“We don’t want to slaughter them, have them die in pain. After all, we do eat them.”
    “You do?
    “And they say waterboarding is cruel.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I’m speaking of the shechita. What are you asking about?”
    “The same, of course!” (texting) “Cancel Guantanamo! CANCEL!”

It's a little bizarre. So perhaps this one leans toward the exorcise end of the spectrum.

Please share your thoughts on "Miscommunication."

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