Monday, May 14, 2012

Castle: "Undead Again"

I know this is pre-anticlimactic, I guess, considering that the season finale already has aired. But we just got around watching "Undead Again." I'm sure it won't take two more weeks to watch and review "Always." So bear with me.

This was a fun episode. Of course, like "Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind" and "Heroes And Villains" -- not to mention every episode of "Scooby-Doo" -- you knew it was not a real zombie. Castle even acknowledged as much when he answered Ryan, "No. You know what I do believe in? Driving Beckett crazy." But still, you want to go along for the ride to see how they're going to take a zombie killer caught on tape and turn it into a real murderer. If I may boast, I picked the killer right away. Tom just seemed like the obvious choice. (Actually, though, I have to admit that I noticed he had blue eyes, just like the still-image close up of the walking dead.) And finally there was a character -- Tom's fiancée Greta -- who actually had a New York accent.

The scene where Castle and Beckett first encounter the zombies was just superb. As I said above, you knew it wasn't real. But it didn't matter. (For the record, zombie walking is a true phenomenon; a Yahoo search yields 63,000,000 hits, the first of which is

Likewise, you just knew that "zombie Kyle" was going to come to life in the morgue. It was still great.

Plus, the running gag with Castle and Alexis playing laser tag -- especially the fact that she rappeled down into the living room -- was just a nice addition to the show. I hope they touch on it again at some point in the future, because it was a good father-daughter moment.

In short, "Undead Again" was another of the type of episodes which makes Castle a great show.

I think my two favorite lines were "pants-wetting terror" and (Castle, to his mother) "You will pay for your treachery." And, kudos for the cultural reference to World War Z.

Naturally, I must cite the looks:

- Castle's overall look as he listened to Charlie's frantic 911 call.
- Castle's excitement when they first saw the face of zombie Kyle on the video, along with the disbelief on the part of Beckett, Esposito, and Ryan. (The random high five when Castle proclaimed, "Our killer's a zombie!" was precious.)
- Beckett's confused recognition when Castle told the M.E. who is not Lanie (character name: Sidney Perlmutter) "I will treasure the special moments we've shared."

Feel free to share your thoughts, and check back soon for a review of "Always."

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