Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Good Day / Bad Day

By Michael Seese

So first the bad: I received a rejection for the new and improved Nightmares. Bummer.

Now the good...

My first foray into steampunk (as a contributing author) is out. A Clockworks Orchard: Rivets & Rain is available on Amazon. And I am (ahem) the first author listed.

The publisher was nice enough to send me (and all contributors) a coupon for five free downloads from Smashwords. As soon as I figure out how to use them, I'll create a giveaway.

But in the meantime, stop by Amazon and write a glowing review...regardless of whether you've read it. And while you're at it, do the same at Goodreads.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

By the way, have a happy and safe Fourth of July everyone.

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