Monday, October 1, 2012

Now This Is Unique

By Michael Seese

As an information security pro, I probably pay closer attention to SPAM emails than most folks. And by "pay closer attention," I mean read and laugh out loud at.

I get so many good ones that I think I'll start sharing. For example, this one...

If you'll notice, the body of the email is empty. The entire con is in the subject. If nothing else, this is the first email I've received with a three-digit word count in the subject line.

I'm sure that was an effort on the part of the spammer to avoid filters which look for certain keywords--he must assume--in the body only. If that's true, then his ploy makes sense. But by doing so, he cannot employ one common spammer tactic: having a live link which, when clicked, takes the email recipient to a site that most likely downloads malware.

I wonder how well his phishing expedition will go?

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