Monday, November 5, 2012

Pre-Election Day Funny

By Michael Seese

Tomorrow is Election Day. So I won't have to post any more snarky comments until 2016. (Though if I adhere to the traditional stumping timeline, I suppose I should start in 2 ½ years.)

I thought this represented the definitive commentary on the whole stinkin' process. 

In several previous posts, I've talked about targeted ads. To state the obvious, a targeted ad is supposed to resonate with me because my browsing habits supposedly have put me into various demographic buckets. 

I see them all the time in the infosec and privacy e-newsletters I subscribe to. I also subscribe to the "Word Of The Day" from Merriam-Webster. 

Here are two of the ads I saw last week:


What makes the irony even more delicious is that day's word of the day:

Clearly, the universe has a wicked sense of humor. 

As I said last year, remember the old Chicago adage: "Vote early and vote often."

Does anyone care to make a bold prediction as to the electoral vote count? Mine is 298-240. I'm not saying who will win, though...


  1. I hate electoral votes. I think they should be abolished. Why can't we just go with the total votes?

    I'm so glad this is almost over, though. My answering machine needs a break!

    1. Really? You wouldn't dig another six months of this?

      As I commented elsewhere, we (meaning the Internet community) should start a grass-roots effort to get a law passed by 2016 which forces political robocalls to adhere to the do-not-call list.