Sunday, January 13, 2013

Castle: "Significant Others"

By Michael Seese

I thoroughly enjoyed "Significant Others." To revisit a refrain I've sung in the past, this episode was a fantastic mix of comedy and intrigue, with a delicious surprise ending. And they even pulled Jack Wagner out of mothballs. Has he even worked since General Hospital?) On a positive note, I thought he has aged well.)

The show kicked off with the victim sitting in her car, staring at a name and address, to the sound of the sultry song "Secret" by Aussie chanteuse Missy Higgins. (Were there enough "S" sounds in that sentence?) She looked back in panic. Then her blood spatter quickly cut into the mouthwash spit of the infirm Alexis. Neat effect. 

My favorite scene had to be Castle's and Beckett's visit to the Voss residence, as Samantha coolly, casually, and methodically destroyed their collected (and soon to be divided) objets d'art. (Did you notice that after she sliced the painting, she slammed the knife into a box at an angle reminiscent of the pen in the "Castle logo.")

I must say, though, that the whole bit with Esposito and Ryan giving Castle the sychronized "two worlds colliding" speech came in a close second.

Quick aside: I adored the iPhone commercial which showed a POV table tennis game against the Williams sisters; I watched (or should that be "iWatched"??) it twice.

Then at the end, the piano music overtaking the dialogue made for a touching finale.

Great lines were everywhere.

Lanie: "The deep-fried Twinkie that Castle has ex-sex with whenever she rolls into town." By the way, in several recent shows, it seems as though the writers have been trying to build the relationship between Beckett and Lanie.

Samantha: "I was her client. Not her BFF."

Castle: "My loft is overrun with redheads."
Beckett: "Button up, kitten. We're going home."

Martha: "This isn't a flophouse, darling. You've got to stop letting freeloaders just live here."
Castle: "Please tell me you see the irony."


Castle's stare when Lanie said, "All men [are clueless] or just Castle?"

Beckett's slight smile as she struggled to maintain the hurt facade while she and Meredith punk'd Castle. 
And speaking of looks...

Beckett: "Besides, I gave you the look."
Castle: "What look?"
Beckett: "Look look. My look. Please don't tell me after four years you don't actually know the look."

It's gratifying to know the writers are following my blog!

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