Thursday, February 28, 2013

Castle: "Hunt"

By Michael Seese 

One word: WOW!!!!!!!!!!

(I suppose I should add another word to this, and all Castle reviews: SPOILERS!)

I try to avoid hyperbole, but that may have been the best Castle ever. I recall, years ago, reading a review of the Ron Howard movie Apollo 13; the reviewer called it a great film because, even though you knew it would end well, Howard still managed to keep it thrilling. I would say the same about "Hunt." (After all, we knew that they wouldn't kill off Alexis.)

The episode started out great (and in sepia), and just got better. I thought the scene with Castle and Gaston, where Castle asks about the latter's daughters and then says, "Now imagine them gone" was terrific. Then came the scene in the church, where Castle meets Jacque Henri. It was even better. (OK, it bordered on suspense movie cliche...whatever.) The underground scene, with Henri and his "audio mole" (I couldn't find a listing of the character's name) listening to the phone call between Castle and Alexis was even EVEN better. And Beckett's interrogation of Pauline...even even EVEN better. She really dialed her intensity up a notch. And then the rescue...

Again, sorry for the hyperbole, but that may have been the best two minutes of any Castle episode. First, unless you're WAY more insightful than I am, we all assumed Castle had been captured. But the manner in which they presented the rescue -- Castle's Dad (who in IMDB is credited only as "Castle's Dad") talks to Volkov and detonates the walkie-talkie, and then the actual escape sequence is intercut with flashbacks of "Spy Dad" explaining HOW Castle is going to get Alexis out -- was simply brilliant. Truly, as an author, I hope that some day I can write something so clever. (Though the technique really applies more to a screenplay; it would be hard to pull off in a novel.)

In addition to the plot / action, visually "Hunt" was a stunner. The lighting when Castle picked up the strand of hair was gorgeous. And I loved the camera pan through Volkov's mansion: opulent room, opulent room, another opulent room, girl in cage.

I have no real "looks" to report. 

Most of the lines which stood out were less "Castle," and more "Die Hard." (And most were delivered by Castle's Dad.)

- "Your friend there was pretty good. But he was out of his league."
- "Oh, don't be an idiot. I'm the good guy."
- "Given how bad you feel about your $200 phone, you might want to pick up that $3,000,000 briefcase."
- "You've been playing cop for years. Are you ready to play spy?"

Castle: "My dad's a spy? Does my mom know?"

Whew! After this, I can see why they're giving us a three-weak break. (That doesn't mean I like it, of course.)

Feel free to share your thoughts on "Hunt."

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  1. Yeah, I loved the part about the briefcase. I was WONDERING if Castle was just going to leave it there, but the part about comparing it to the $200 phone cracked me up!!!

    I also did NOT recognize James Brolin with those glasses on, but as soon as they came off I'm like, Oh My God! I still think that guy looks like my dad (or as my dad would say, James Brolin looks like HIM).