Monday, February 4, 2013

Eiffel Update

By Michael Seese 

Did you miss me? As I imagine you've assumed (or forgotten / ignored) I've been busy scribing away at "The Secret Life Of Gustave Eiffel." 

Though I had no breakthroughs (as I described  last time) I have made some good progress:

1/24/13    11563
1/25/13    13150
1/26/13    13382
1/27/13    13593
1/28/13    15105
1/29/13    15526
1/30/13    16287
1/31/13    17323
  2/1/13    18523
  2/2/13    19163
  2/3/13    19573

I've had a few stellar days. For example, I wrote nearly 1,600 on 1/25...but then just over 200 each the next two days. Still, my previous check-in showed 10,250 words. So an additional 9,000 in 11 days isn't bad. Part of the problem is, I have been working last week on filling in some details of a few chapters which already had a lot of the pieces in place. As such, it's kind of hard for me to think ahead, and write the scene in my mind. But I'm just about to leave that behind, and enter "new territory."

Hopefully, I can ramp it up this week.


  1. That's a great word count. Keep on keeping on!

    1. Thanks. And, not to let the cat of the bag (i.e., a future post), but I have had three STELLAR days this week.

  2. Decent. It's like NaNo in January/February.

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    1. You are so right. Though there is one difference. I have not entered NaNo (yet) but my understanding is, it's "Get 50,000 words done, just to prove (to yourself) that you CAN."

      "Eiffel" is "Get 80,000 words done, get them 'good,' and get the whole darned thing printed." The clock is ticking. (Since calendars don't click.)