Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eiffel Slog-gress

By Michael Seese

Well, I'm in the revisit / revise phase of "Eiffel." As I said in my previous previous entry on the topic, I have finished the first pass-through, and now am filling in the blanks. The substantial blanks. Sometimes it's a drudge. Sometimes I fear having to tackle the task. And sometimes...

Last night I prepared to work on chapter 3, which takes place during Eiffel's school years. Some time ago, I had roughed out a wide-ranging conversation between Eiffel and one of his professors. I shelved it back then, because I realized that the topics they discuss should have a bearing on what comes in the rest of the book. So I opted to press on, vowing to later plug in references to the key events that I would devise as I moved forward. Prior to last night, as I contemplated what additional ideas to incorporate -- even though I now know comes in the later chapters -- I was drawing lots of blanks. But I had some time on my hands last night, so I persevered.

And the words just came.

When I first sat down to type, I had hoped to merely flesh out a few of the details already there, and perhaps refresh my memory of that skeleton conversation, so that I could see if any later events "fit."

But the words just came.

When the dust settled, I got down over 1,000 words. And I'm pretty happy with them. In fact, I would call that chapter done.

Such is the magic of writing.

Total count: 59,239.