Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wells Fargo SPAM

By Michael Seese

This one was better than most. First, let me state that I initially received it on my smart phone. So I couldn't hover of the links which, if you've been paying attention, is key because it shows you where you'd go.

But I saw something that made me think, Hmmm. But first, the "good."

If you'll notice:

1. The "From:" isn't something bizarre like "BiteMyButt@hotmail.com"; and
2. If you do hover over the "WellsFargo.com" link at the bottom it resolves to (per the status bar), well, Wells Fargo.


1. The "To:" is "Recipients." Hmmm. Why are recipients getting notice that their account info has changed?
2. If you hover over the two links in the body -- "Update" and "Click Here" -- they go to http://www.bharatleatherworks.com/wells/wellsfargo.com/index.htm


Still, smarter than most.

Remember: forward this junk to spam(AT)uce(DOT)gov   Click to tweet.

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