Saturday, November 16, 2013

A(nother) Lifetime Ago

By Michael Seese

Janet is at it again. Apparently, she's painting. Something. She didn't specify whether she was talking about her home or her office. 

Regardless, it inspired another 100 word contest. Our words:


Please partake of A(nother) Lifetime Ago*

Sage closed her eyes and ventured back. Back in time. Back to her childhood home.

She tasted her mother's cobbler, laden with peaches picked from the orchard. She smelled the freshly cut straw piled in the barn. (After discovering boys, she would form a whole new set of associations with the scent of straw.) She felt the tickle of a butterfly which alighted on her nose, its wings casting a kaleidoscope across her field of vision.

These memories sustained her, and helped counteract the bile which rose in her throat each time another john laid a twenty on the nightstand.

* the title is an homage to "A Lifetime Ago," which won Janet's contest in January.

Please share your thoughts on A(nother) Lifetime Ago.

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