Saturday, November 9, 2013

False Appearances

By Michael Seese

A 100-word contest, with a twist. Normally, in agent Janet Reid's contests, she asks for a 100-word flash fiction piece that incorporates five key words. This time, she is trying something different.

Our mission: craft a story which includes a collective noun of our own creation. So, for example, we could not use "a murder of crows."

I concocted "a giggle of teenagers" for "False Appearances."

A giggle of teenagers converged on a lawn.

“This is gonna be great!” Tyler gushed.

“You sure this is the right house?” Josh whispered.

“The mailbox says Buckholtz. How many can there be?”


“But nothing.”

“I don’t know, guys. She’s not the meanest teacher.”

“You in or out?” hissed Susan.


Rotten eggs flung, and epithets scrawled on the windows with soap, the teens dissolved into the night.

Later, a lone figure lurked beneath the Buckholtz kitchen window. The air reeked of gasoline. He struck a match,.

“Give me a fucking F!” Josh said. “Funny. Fire starts with F.”

Feel free to share your thoughts of "False Appearances."  BTW, it's open until 10:00 a.m., Sunday 11/10, should you wish to try your hand....

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