Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Castle: Room 147

By Michael Seese

I liked "Room 147" ... up until the last five minutes. For most of the show, it played out like "typical" Castle. A murder whose obvious explanation seems completely implausible though, in this case, implausibly easy.


As Castle and Beckett start to peel back the layers, the implausible suddenly makes sense. But then they veer off into a motive which, IMHO, felt contrived. 

Really, now, SPOILERS.

My main beef with the explanation was that it seemed too convoluted.
- If Pam wanted revenge, why didn't she join Eternal Horizons Inc. as an employee, and look for dirt to expose Bauers?
- Why didn't she join and shoot him? After all, he said he makes a point of meeting each member. Yes, she goes to jail. But she could plead that she was brainwashed.
- Though, I will give kudos for her rant at the end.

OK, so let's ignore that last five minutes.

Quick aside #1: As a nice twist on the ever-present reference to the victim behaving strangely of late, it was fun to hear the "murderers" say things had been fuzzy in the past two weeks.

Quick aside #2: I thought it was a very good touch when Ryan and Esposito looked at Anita Miller's computer, found that the previous two weeks had been deleted, and that those two weeks were indeed those beginning February 3 and February 10. In other words, good attention to detail.

On to the lines...

Beckett: "I think we all just kick-started our day."

Beckett: "A single shot to the chest?"
Lanie: "One is all it took."

Quick aside #3: After missing it last week, Lanie used the term "lividity" once again.

Castle: "I'm man enough to admit I'm completely theory-less."

Castle: "This is now officially outstanding."

Quick aside #4: I liked the psychologist. It's nice to know the UBS guy was able to calm down and find another job.

Carruthers: "I need to confess."
Beckett: "Yeah, take a number."
Carruthers: "Seriously? I killed someone and all you care about is a van?"

Castle: "You didn't even have to drug me."
Beckett: "How do you know what I do when you're sleeping?"

Not much in the way of looks, other than Beckett's discomfort when Castle said there must be another reason Alexis isn't coming home.

So on to next week. My wife opined that it has a La Femme Nikita look to it.

Feel free to share your thoughts on "Room 147."

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