Friday, May 23, 2014

Flash Friday: Long Distance

By Michael Seese

So, I missed "Flash Friday" last week. But I'm back, with a vengeance. Or, maybe a mild disturbance.

Here is the pic.

And we had to include something about an unpaid bill.  So here is "Long Distance."


Yes, Caleb?” came a reply from the kitchen.

Could you come here a minute?”

Mabel shuffled into the dining room, and set a mug of coffee and a still-steaming piece of peach cobbler in front of her husband.

Yes, dear?” she asked.

Have you been calling your sister in Cleveland?”


Caleb furrowed his brow and humpfed. “Then how do you explain this?” he asked, handing her the phone bill.

$4,000,373,221.18. That is kinda high.”

You didn’t call her?”

Not a once.”

Well, if you didn't make those calls, who did?”

It says the calls were to Mars.”

Mars? Where's that?”

It'ssomewhere in Van Zandt County.”

We don't know anybody there.”

Oh look, silly. It's not our bill. It's addressed to our neighbor.”

Oh. OK. I'll go and stick it in his mailbox.”

And if you see him, just nod. Don't say nothing. You remember what happened the last time, don't you?”

Do I? My orifices still hurt.”

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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