Saturday, August 30, 2014


by Michael Seese

Friday dawned, and sitting there in my inbox was another Flash! Friday challenge. Remember, I'm trying to defend my crown as two-time champion. (I may have to talk to Pat Riley about three-peat.)

The last two, "The Farm" and "Alone" I really felt good about. I'm not as sure about "Passengers." We shall see on Sunday.

Here is the photo. 

It's the splashdown of the Gemini 5 capsule in 1965. And here is "Passengers."

The two grown men splashed like giddy boys at summer camp. They would hold onto this memory, that of cool water.

“After six months on that barren rock, this is a dream come true!”

“Lieutenant, you and I just lived the dream of every American.”

But dreams sometimes can go astray…

“The first men to walk on Mars. I think that merits the cover of Newsweek.”

“Personally, I think it merits a date with a centerfold. Don’t tell my wife I said that.”

“Need to know basis, Colonel. Speaking of ‘the equipment,’ thank God the recovery ship is here. I need to GO!”

“You have permission to evacuate your bladder, Lieutenant. I don’t think the ocean will mind.”

Had he known Lt. Gage’s blood was teeming with an alien microbe that would voraciously consume the planet’s water, Col. Hart might not have been so cavalier with his assessment, sparing Mother Earth the fate suffered long ago by her red sister.

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