Saturday, September 20, 2014

Flash! Friday The Proposal

by Michael Seese

I feel pretty good about this week's Flash! Friday. Though the competition is growing. When I started a few months back, it would get around 200 comments (which includes both the entries, as well as people saying, "Nice job"). Now it's over 300. So we shall see.

By the way, last week's "At War," earned third-place honors.

Here is the picture.


Here is "The Proposal."

True love always prevails. Or so Richard hoped.

His associates scoffed at his plans. “Marry the princess? You?”

Who’s laughing now? he thought.

Richard lay on his bed, staring at the castle, waiting for the signal that his proposal had been blessed. The imposing insular walls no longer seemed unscalable.

The King had staged a tournament to determine who was to be his only daughter’s suitor. Archery, jousting, and other barbaric pursuits. Having been born outside of nobility, Richard could not compete. Instead, he circumvented the charade, and homed in on the girl. Moving with the swiftness of an arrow, he swooped in, courted, and wooed her. Within a week they toasted their betrothal with wine.

Wine laced with poison.

Richard’s proposal was simple: give me her hand—and the throne—and I shall give you the antidote.

He knew the King would acquiesce. For true love does prevail. And no love is truer than that a father has for his daughter.

Results on Monday. Let me know what you think.


  1. Wow, there are quite a few entries in that. Good luck with your piece. It certainly shows your sick, demented side. You could write a really good villain in a suspense/thriller, you know? :)

  2. Holllyyy craaapp. That's intense. And awesome. AND SO SO SO CREEPY. I like it a lot.

  3. Nice, short, 162 word story. This sentence really stood out, "The imposing insular walls no longer seemed unscalable." One nit-pick. What will the King do to Richard once he has the antidote? I suppose there would always be the threat of Richard poisoning her again. I enjoyed it. Good job.