Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Castle: "Driven"

by Michael Seese

He's baaaaaaack, and so am I. We watched the season premiere of Castle, despite the fact we have not yet seen last season's finale since TIME WARNER CABLE STILL HASN'T SEEN FIT TO RE-RUN IT, despite the fact that a four-hour weather alert interrupted the original broadcast.

But I'm SO over that.

Apparently, last season ended with a cliffhanger as Castle, on his way to the wedding, is run off the road, his car bursting into flames. I'm inferring that, based on the fact that "Driven" starts out with Kate finding Castle's car, run off the road, on fire.

But I won't be sure until TIME WARNER CABLE RE-RUNS IT.

(Still over it.)

This was a serious episode. The lines, the looks, everything was grim. Don't get me wrong. I thought it was a very good episode, and will set up (it would appear from the previews) the next episode, at least. Or, they might string it out.

I have my own personal theory on what happened / what will happen. I can't contain myself, so I will share it WAY at the bottom. Read at your own risk.

I thought it was absolutely brilliant the way the writers depicted the passage of time. Beckett starts with a huge list of leads, then crosses each off. Meanwhile, she puts up a newspaper article which notes that author Richard Castle is missing. Then another headline which says "six weeks." Finally, "Two Months, No Answers."

Quick aside: I love how she later called it "The Murder Board."

Once again, brilliant.

So, the lines...

Duffin: "You're breaking my finger."
Beckett: "Then after that, there's nine more."

Quick aside 2: When Beckett took down Duffin, I said, "Nice tackle, Kate."

Ryan: "What happens if you don't get your money?"
Vinnie (smiling): "That does not happen."

Castle: "A tangled web I fully intend to untangle."

Beckett: "The janitor tried to move your chair. I freaked out and almost shot him."

The two best looks were:

- Martha's fade from hope to worry as she hugged Alexis and said, "Your father will be home before you know it."

- Beckett's temporary elation when Esposito put a coffee cup in front of her.

That's (almost) about it for this week.

Feel free to share your thoughts (and theories).


**** TURN BACK NOW ****

Here's what I think....


Castle was kidnapped by 3XK, and brainwashed. Why do I think that?

1. It's 3XK's style.
2. Beckett mentioned three possible past-case suspects: Bracken, 3XK, and someone else. (Sorry, I don't feel like firing up the DVR to see who it was.) Only 3XK was mentioned again.

What's going to happen?

Castle and Beckett will be somewhere. Maybe walking in the park, maybe home. Alone. Castle will answer his cell phone. His face will turn emotionless.

Beckett: "Who was that?"

Castle pulls out a gun.

Beckett: "Castle! What are you doing?"

3XK will step out of the shadows. (Or Castle will walk over an open his door.)

3XK: "He's committing the perfect crime. For me. In jealous rage, noted author Richard Castle kills his fiancee, then turns the gun on himself. Irony-revenge-blah-blah-blah."

Beckett: "You won't get away with this."

3XK: "But I will. Castle, finish the job."

Castle: "I plan to."

Then he plugs 3XK.

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  1. I take it YOUR Time Warner Cable doesn't have Prime Time on Demand? Because I can watch episodes of CBS (and other network) shows there for several weeks after they aired. Something to check out in case you ever miss another episode.

    I'll wait and see if your theory is correct.