Sunday, November 9, 2014

Flash Fiction: "Undercurrents"

By Michael Seese

As I mentioned when I posted my most recent Flash! Friday, I needed to turn my attention to the latest Janet Reid contest.

Our mission was to use the words


Originally, I wanted to try using them all as names. Long and Beach as surnames, then Bill, Max, and Sandy. (The Janet rules say you can "expand" words like that.)  But nothing was coming. 

With time running out, I pondered, pondered, pondered, and came up with "Undercurrents."

I have so many good memories of this place. Building sandcastles with my brothers. Chasing seagulls. My Dad’s white nose. Sometimes, seeing dolphins dancing above the waves. And eating ice cream ALL DAY LONG!

So many good memories.

And one horrible memory. Hearing my Mom’s screams when she looked out into the ocean and saw that Bill and Max were gone.

We come back to this beach every year. I think my parents hope they’ll see them again.

Why don’t they? I wonder.

I do.

I tell them. But they don’t believe me.

Maybe when they’re in heaven,” Max says.

What do you think... a winner or no?

Now, on to Indies Unlimited....

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