Saturday, November 29, 2014

Flash! Friday: Red

by Michael Seese

This one is kind of dark folks. Don't read it if you're depressed.

For this week's Flash! Friday we were asked to build upon this picture


And include the concept of "coming of age." So I came up with "Red."

Life comes in many colors. Death comes in but one.


The sky bled with one thousand screams. The landscape crawled with War Of The World invaders, each blast from their laser eyes burning fury.

I tried to find some refuge, some sanctuary, but found only paralysis in black words like “no future.”

At the facility, we all tried to blend into the sterile gray walls. But there was no avoiding it. Just holding it off until your courage could find you.

When they inserted the probe, my brain exploded in a reverse Marcia Brady first kiss fireworks display, a perfect bookend to our own awkward pyrotechnics.

After it was all over, my boyfriend kissed my forehead and said how brave I was for making the right decision for us. We drove home, the weight of his world dropped on my shoulders. I went upstairs, cut myself, and asked Him to forgive me for spilling the blood of a child.

What do you think, dear friends and readers?

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