Saturday, November 22, 2014

Flash! Friday: Silent

by Michael Seese

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (pun intended... you'll see) I feel good about this week's Flash! Friday. So as to pay homage to the invention of the phonograph on this date in 1877, Rebekah chose this photo.

That's Enrico Caruso. And she asked us to include a puppy.

So here is "Silent."

No, honey! It’s too dangerous.”

Erica was tired of her parents treating her like a child. She wasn’t a child anymore. She was 13. She was a woman now. “The Reverend says I have a gift. A gift from God. One I shouldn’t keep for myself,” she said, scratching Harley’s floppy ears.

I assure you, ma’am, it’s perfectly safe,” the Outsider said, his smile askew.

Erica thought the Outsider seemed nice enough, despite the whispers. The whispers from folks up the Valley that these “soundcatchers” didn’t just copy your voice. They stole it. Forever.

Erica’s mother continued. “But I’ve heard

Myths, propagated by ig” He caught himself before he said it. “Ill-informed people. People not like yourselves.”

So what if it is true? Erica saw it as a small sacrifice to make for the town, for the church. For if she could never speak again, then she could never speak of the things the Reverend had done to her.

Someone left a comment there calling it "chilling." What do you think?

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