Thursday, December 11, 2014

Castle: Kill Switch

by Michael Seese

I don't have a lot to say about "Kill Switch." Don't get me wrong; I did enjoy it. But perhaps because of the previously mentioned delays in seeing its conclusion, I felt less invested in it.

I thought it delivered what it promised. A tight, confined thriller (unlike the average episode which alternates between "We're in trouble" and "OK, now we're not.") which gave Esposito a chance to shine. So in that regard, it succeeded. 

I really enjoyed the car-ride conversation about parenthood between Esposito and Ryan. Serious stuff.

"What kind of father do you think I'd be?"

Which, of course, they had to deflate.

Esposito: "Can you hear that? That sound?"
Ryan: "No. What's that?"
Esposito: "That's my biological clock ticking. Tick, tock."
Ryan: "We were having a genuine, honest moment, and you had to ruin it by being a jackass." 

The writers somewhat bookended that bro-scene with another equally genuine, honest interaction at the end.

Ryan: "You had me scared."
Esposito: "That's because you're a wimp."

About the only other line worth noting is:

Castle: "We'll take the subway. Too soon?" And of course the bad pun follow-ups, "token" and "out of line."

The take-down was well-staged. When Aragon started unlacing her boot, I wondered why. But when she wrapped the lace around Stone's hand, it made sense.

Picky aside: It seems to me that when Stone stared at the hidden camera for like, 10 seconds before shooting it, that could have been a good time to go. Just sayin'

And I do have to say...


... I thought the motive was a little iffy, as was the convenient deus ex machina revelation that Jarvis's husband was an attorney in the Erin Wilson case.

Oh well. One man's opinion. What are yours?

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