Monday, January 26, 2015

Castle: Private Eye Caramba!

by Michael Seese

It appears as though Castle P.I. is still on the job. Though I may be proven wrong, I suspect the show will remain light-hearted as long as Castle is flying solo. Of course, since the crime in Private Eye Caramba! involved a telenovela -- and Castle's assignment a purloined purse -- what are we to expect?

You knew the writers were having a blast when they put the gang on the set and let them watch the heated exchange between a raven-haired beauty and the open-shirted Fabio, minus the flowing locks and rippling muscles. Esposito's (obvious) total infatuation was a hoot. (As was his puppy-dog gushing over Sofia at the end.)

Also, I thought the contrivance to bring Castle into the fold was plausible enough.

Finally, I was glad to see they still had Ryan playing the C card.

Ryan: "She might have been killed by a psychotic plumber lying in wait."
Esposito: "Is that your Castle theory?"

And as always, I enjoyed the presence of Perlmutter, no offense to Lanie. And if memory serves, no "lividity."

Perlmutter: "Detective Beckett, it's so pleasant to see you and not see Castle."

The other quips of note included:

Castle: "I'll be my own muse."

Castle: "Canvasing? Oh, that thing you get Espo and Ryan to do."

Ronnie: "Oh, wow. I thought you were a writer. What happened?"

Castle: "A little awkward."
Beckett: "Try mortifying."

Beckett: "Do you realize how lucky you are?"
Castle: Extremely lucky. After all I'm married to you."

Esposito: "You do realize it was a prop gun."
Castle: "What?"

And, well, any of Castle's voiceovers.

"My phone was quieter than a dead church mouse."
"I was about to pour a little smile in my coffee."
"Give those gams of yours a rest." (OK, that one wasn't a voiceover. Still...)

So, how long do you think the Castle P.I. thing will last?

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  1. He'll probably be a PI until he can clear his name with the mobsters. Or the ratings start to sink. Whichever comes first! I'm enjoying it, though. For now, anyway.