Saturday, January 3, 2015

Flash! Friday: Kid Spies

by Michael Seese

A little whimsy for my first Flash Friday of 2015.

Here is the photo:

And here is "Kid Spies."

My name. Bomb. James Bomb.

My drink. Shirley Temple. Shaken, not shtirred.

My super-secret mission. Following Missy Jacobs, a villain of the most oderous kind, to her hideout. I need to find it, and neuterize her using any means necessary, including and if necessary, my super-secret Booger Gun.

Missy is dangerous, and smart. On Maple Street, she nearly catches me. I hide behind an electrical thingy. But when I look, she is gone. I run to her last known position. I look up. There, I see the name:


Oh no! That’s where they all go to re-energize their Cootie Rays. Entry is impossible. I wait, and write down in my super-secret journal everything I learned about tracking girls. I should share this intell with Dad. Maybe he can use it to find Mom.

Suddenly, the door opens, and Missy steps out. Before I can react, she kisses me with her Cootie Ray.


Can’t breathe...

Lights fading...



OK, so there is a little underlying sadness.

We'll see what the judges think. How about you all?

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