Monday, February 16, 2015

Castle: Resurrection

by Michael Seese

3XK is back! Or is he...?

I suppose I should start with SPOILERS! Proceed with caution.

One constant in the 3XK episodes is that there is more darkness, and less levity than usual. "Resurrection" fits the mold.

Quick slant rhyme aside: Lanie did say lividity, as in "Based on the lividity, she probably was put in the Dumpster after she was killed. 

This was just an overall good show. 

I really enjoyed the flashbacks to the previous 3XK episodes. I'm sure they were put in to benefit folks who didn't see them. But even though I had seen them all, I thought they added to the overall atmosphere by reminding us of just how bad he is. I also enjoyed Castle's bit at turning the tables, when he visited Tyson down in the tombs.

I did pick out a few good lines.

Martha: "Richard, it pains me to have to admit it, but I am in your debt."
Castle: "Yes. Deeply. But if you want to start paying rent."

Dr. Nieman: "I never forget a face. Especially if I cut it."

Beckett: "What did you expect? Dead animals? Shrunken heads?"
Castle: (pause) "No."

Castle: "Now I have a chance to put the genie back into the bottle. Which is a really terrible analogy. Because who would want three wishes from that guy?"

I really loved the tension at the end, as they kept cutting between Tyson in the interrogation room, Dr. Nieman in the waiting room, Captain Gates in her office, and the boys just outside as they waited for the DNA analysis to come back. Which leads to my...

BIG picky aside: So, they let "Michael Boudreau" go free because the DNA extracted from the tooth (known, or reasonably assumed, to be Tyson's) did not match the DNA taken from a beer bottle they just happened to find at the apartment. Hello! Maybe the real Boudreau did drink from that bottle, before Tyson killed him. But, hey, here's a wacky idea, NYPD Forensics: why don't you swab the mouth or take a hair sample from the guy you actually have IN CUSTODY! And, really, the DA is going to free some guy who looks exactly like a serial killer (and nothing like the man he purports to be) based on the claim that he got plastic surgery which just happened to make him look EXACTLY LIKE A SERIAL KILLER.

Feel free to share your thoughts on "Resurrection." And let's get ready for "Reckoning." Here is a prediction. If you saw the trailer at the end of "Resurrection," Castle finds Beckett tied up in a chair, looks at her face, and says something to the effect of, "No!" I think we are supposed to believe she is dead, or has been scarred. So here it is...

That wasn't Beckett. It was another victim, a woman who resembles Beckett, surgically altered to look like her. 3XK and Dr. Nieman still have Kate. And finding her is what will bring Castle officially back into the NYPD fold.

You heard it here first. Or not.

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