Thursday, February 5, 2015

Warmup Wednesday! eX-Man

by Michael Seese

Apparently, one weekly contest wasn't enough for Rebekah of Flash! Friday fame. So she created Warmup Wednesday! Same basic idea, though our stories have to be exactly 100 words.

This week, we had to include a superhero, and use this picture.


Here is "eX-Man."

I hate my job. Crawling up buildings. Hopping across rooftops. And for what? To rid this city of pests.

Things sure changed around here when Peter and Mary Jane got married. You'd think, for obvious reasons, that they couldn't have kids. They sure proved the entomologists wrong. And, unfortunately, the spider that bit Peter Parker was a from the Argiope family. They can have up to 1,500 eggs.

At least it keeps me employed.

I had just settled down to watch a movie when I heard a scream.

OK, I'll say it. This looks like a job for eXterminator Man.

See you on Friday.

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