Saturday, March 7, 2015

Flash! Friday: Beauty Captured

by Michael Seese

I need to stop spending so much time at It's affecting my flash. This week, the theme was aspiration, and the photo prompt was:


And here is "Beauty Captured."

The cerulean swirl around his ankles mirrored her eyes. Though his forte lay not with the artist's tools, destiny told Serge that he must make her immortal. Such beauty deserved nothing less.

Days, he would slave, splitting wood shakes with one brutal cleft. Nights, he would apply his raw talents as he aspired to capturing her.

The pursuit of perfection is a lonely quest. Hours spent in painstaking practice. Though he longed to sprint forward and savor the ever-elusive end, he accepted patience as his ally. He could not afford to err, as the materiel was priceless to a man of his means.

For years, each time he passed through town he would pause and study her face. He committed to memory every curve, every tinge, every shadow. Now, working by candlelight in his studio, he broke her essence down, bit by bit, inch by inch.

His heart nearly burst when he completed his labor of love.


She would never age, never fade, never face the declination which eventually consumes all egos.

And she would not be forgotten.

The unfortunate soul who happened upon Serge as he washed the pieces of her down the river would have to join her in immortality.

Such is the price of art.

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