Thursday, April 9, 2015

Castle: Habeas Corpse

by Michael Seese

Sorry this is late; we were soaking up some Caribbean sun last week.

Gloating complete, I'll say you gotta love any show any show that features the line, "I'll make the law your bitch." The latest Castle, "Habeas Corpse," was that show. Funny, clever, intricate, and (in the end) touching. What more could we ask for?


A plot trick that I thought was very clever -- and perhaps a first for Castle?? -- was having one suspect "alibi out," and then turn out to be the murderer after it is revealed he bribed his alibi. For that reason, I didn't "call it." But I did notice it. (End self-satisfied, sing-song voice.)

When Beckett first spoke to The Hammer in the hospital, he said (paraphrasing), "I didn't kill Richie, and I didn't steal his files." I immediately said, "Wait a minute. It's not like Beckett would have told him about the files."

A few other points of note:

- I thought "Lightning" Bolt was a great character. "Lightning don't strike twice." Plus, he did put an awesome spin move on Espo.

- I enjoyed seeing Espo and Ryan rehearsing in the interrogation room. I was so looking forward to the competition, which I was sure they'd show. So BOOO! to the writers for not giving us that.

- And Lanie gave me my lividity fix, as, "Based on the lividity, I'd say it happened between 12:00 and 2:30."

"Habeas Corpse" gave us so many good lines.

Beckett: "She [Alexis] would make a good lawyer."
Castle: "Yeah. As if I don't lose enough arguments to her already."

Ryan: "Ha-ha. Back to reality." (If memory serves, that came in response to Castle's first boast that he and Beckett could best the boys.)

Ryan: "Why am I the only one who has not seen that commercial?"
Esposito: "Because when you're not moonlighting, your honey-milk sipping ass is in bed by 10:00."

Beckett: "Can we talk for a second? Over there."
Castle: "I knew she was going to say that."

Beckett: "Can we get back to the dead guy?" And I LOVED the way Espo pinched Ryan's lips shut as he tried to tone down the wager.

Castle: "Given how unwieldy it is to carry a body... That's research, not experience."

Beckett: "There's a reason why Captain Gates doesn't get up on the stage and have fun."
Castle: "I just always assumed it was because she was genetically incapable of it."

That's about it. Next week, more of the mystery behind Castle's missing months.

Feel free to share your thoughts on "Habeas Corpse," or on life in general.

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