Saturday, April 25, 2015

Flash! Friday: A Brother's Love

by Michael Seese

Another Flash! Friday that I can be proud of. 

Quick aside: My Three Line Thursday entry of last week was named the winner

Back to F!F, this week I had a little trouble getting started. But once I did...

Here was the photo:

And here is "A Brother's Love."

Frail hands flipped the page. A pause to remember, to reflect. Then a faint voice brought to life the characters in the faded photograph.

"That's me in the middle, of course," Nikolett said. "I'm standing with your grandfather."

"Who's that other man?" asked Anna, blue eyes brimming with a six-year-old's curiosity.

"That's Papa's brother, Patrik."

"Did I ever meet him?"

"No. He died in the war."

"That's sad."

"It is. But he was a brave, selfless man. The Germans conquered Magyarország without firing a shot, then set their evil plan in motion. I remember Patrik's reaction when he first heard of the trains. Clouds formed in those beautiful eyes, which otherwise held the skies. He used his foreign business connections to spirit our people out of the country. The Nazis executed him. But not before he managed to save perhaps 1,000 lives.

"He sounds like a hero. I wish I'd met him."

"As do I."

Nikolett secretly wished Anna were old enough to hear the full story of both brothers' heroism. Some day she would be capable of understanding the kind of sacrifice not meant for the history books: that of allowing another man to further your bloodline, when you cannot.

Some day, perhaps. But not this day.

Thoughts? Good / bad / ugly?


  1. Love the story, the ending was not what I expected and that's always nice! (I'm coming over a little late from Janet's blog, but I was traveling.)

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