Saturday, April 18, 2015

Flash! Friday: Feeding Time

by Michael Seese 

A busy week on the writing front. I submitted a 500-story to MASH stories, a nifty little piece (piling up the favorites) to Three Line Thursday, and a 3,400-word update of a classic to Crossroads In The Dark by Burning Willow Press. I have to say, I was rather amazed at the latter, considering I didn't even start it until Tuesday. And I still had time for Flash! Friday. (BTW, last week both of my stories earned honorable mentions.)

We had to use this photo today.

And set the story in the kitchen. Of late, I've been trying to focus on the picture first. I seem to get better results, though occasionally have to cobble on the text prompt. But this time, the setting of "a kitchen" worked perfectly. 

Below is "Feeding Time." 

Mealtime is the highlight of my day, I say, feeling quite the gourmand.

Succulent greens comprise the first course. Tender, tasty, often sweet. They're a rare treat, and always the first to go. Any morsels not consumed quickly wilt, shrivel, and get tossed into the trash.

Next comes the main course. What a spread! A glorious feast of flavors, bordering on bacchanalian. Each day, something new and exciting graces my plate. I gorge. Leftovers here are as scarce as hope.

Many steer clear of the nuts. Fine, I say. More for me. Shell thickness matters not, as pressure is one of nature's irresistible forces. I squeeze, squeeze, SQUEEZE until that first fissure appears. Then I ease up a touch, and WHAM! The sound as they crack, in and of itself, is satisfying.

What I find fascinating is that all of them – the green ones, the hard ones, and the rest – look the same as they are driven through my gates. They may think they're wrapped with different labels; but they aren't. They're all garnished with fear.

I can see it.

I can taste it.

I lick my chops.

Feeding time!

I will eat them all, spit out the remains, and floss my fangs with the razor wire.

What do y'all think?

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  1. I love this. I can't even figure out what creature, or if it's figurative, but man you have me hooked with your writing. I'm not surprised that you're stories are getting noticed. Hopping over from Janet's blog (that list is too long!) JEN Garrett