Saturday, June 20, 2015

Flash! Friday: Two Tear Jerkers

by Michael Seese

Another double entry week for Flash! Friday, though I hadn't planned on writing a pair.

I always refrain from reading any of the other entries until after I've written mine; I don't want to inadvertently borrow any ideas. This week, we had this picture.


I just knew (no offense, Flash! Friday friends) that everyone would write about a metaphorical train wreck. So I decided to write about a literal one. Here is "Choo-Choo."

"Pull back! Pull back!"

"I can't stop it!" Jim gasped. "We're going too fast!"

"You have to. The bridge is out."

"What are we going to do? We're doomed!"

"Look! Up in the sky. It's a bird. It's a plane..."

Indeed, a plastic figure in blue tights, red cape trailing, swooped in and under the toy engine, saving the day.

"Yay! Superman!"

"Mikey, this is the old West. Superman wasn't around yet."

"Oh, Dad! He flew really fast, and went back in time. That's how he was able to save the train."

"Now it makes sense. Say, wouldn't that be great? To be able to go back and change things?"

"What disaster would you stop, Dad?"

Jim paused. "That's a tough one, buddy. There have been so many. It's hard to pick only one."

"I'd save the Titanic."

"That would be a great choice."

The dreaded popup on his cell phone caught Jim's attention.

"Mikey, it's time to go. I need to get you to Mommy's house. Please pick up the train, so it's ready to go when you come back next Friday."

"I will. I don't want to be bad."


"Yeah. Mommy always says, 'Only bad people make messes and expect someone else to clean them up.' "

We were supposed to include déjà vu as a thematic element. I support I sorta did.

But then, while cooking dinner (and having read a few) I came up with another idea. In (literally) about ten minutes I wrote "Don't Worry, Little One." 

Seeing my baby sleeping, I couldn't help but think of a number of "firsts."

The first time she slept in her own room. I'm not sure who was more scared.

Don't worry, little one. Everything will be fine in the morning. You'll see.

Or the first time I took her to the ER. She tripped on the rug one afternoon, and split open her chin on a toy choo-choo.

Don't worry, little one. Everything will be fine in a few days. You'll see.

Or the first time a boy broke her heart. Split it wide open, on Prom Night, no less.

Don't worry, little one. Everything will be fine. Not tomorrow. Maybe not even next week. But in time. You'll see.

I suppose among all those vignettes, her first trip to the ER seems most vivid right now. Though in time, I probably won't be able to recall it all, as the memory will be supplanted by this one.

Her last trip to the ER.

We eventually would come to learn she sent a text.

"Brandon is racing a train to the crossing! This is what it means to be alive!"

Don't worry little one. Everything will be ...

So have you written any flash lately? If not, consider Janet's contest, which opens today (Saturday) at noon, and closes 24 hours later.

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