Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Résumé SPAM

by Michael Seese

It had been such a long time since I'd received any good SPAM, I'd nearly forgotten about it. But then this week...

As you can see from my inbox snippet:

based on the last two days, I'm a very popular recipient of résumés.

I think anyone who is not my Mother wouldn't even come close to falling for this. (Sorry, Mom.) But, let's go over a few signs.

1. Two résumés within four minutes of each other? 

2. The subject of the first two begins "Re:" OK, let's think about this. If I were a recruiter (and I'm not, of course) would I send an email to someone titled "Résumé" or "My résumé?" Probably not. So why am I getting a response?

3. If I look at one of them (they basically say the same thing) I see


 Wow! That looks really professional. I've got to run right out and hire Traci. That would be considered "cooperation," no?

4. The above came from the third line. I'm not sure how one gets from "obynathans" to Traci, but OK.

5. You'll notice there is an attachment. It's a ZIP file. Of course. My resume is so big I've got to ZIP it up before I send it.

As always, stay vigilant, people.

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