Sunday, September 27, 2015

Janet Flash: The Scarecrow

by Michael Seese

A quick hitter here, before I go cook dinner. This weekend was another Janet 100-word contest. Our five keywords were:


From them, while Cub Scout camping with my sons, came "The Scarecrow."

The Scarecrow had it coming.

Beginning when I was around six, I'd see him there. Outside my window. At night. Spying on me.

He'd whisper, "Sssh. Our secret." Then he'd climb in, cross my room, and go out my door. He probably left the same way. I'd be asleep by then, though.

One night, a bit after he came by, I heard a loud bang. Weapons fire? Probably just a dream, I mumbled. The next morning, my sister was gone. Dad said she'd be going to a "special school" for a while. I never saw the Scarecrow again.

In hindsight, I wish to integrate the word "weapon," I had said something like, "Weapons fire! Hold your ground, men! Dreaming..."

Oh, well.

Coming next, a review of the Castle season opener.

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