Monday, October 19, 2015

Castle: What Lies Beneath

by Michael Seese

Sorry, Castle fans, but I think I have to say that overall I thought "What Lies Beneath" was only so-so. To underscore, consider that we watched it Friday night, and this morning when I made writing this review a mental to-do item list, I thought, "Now, what happened again?" I'm not saying it was BAD; only that it wasn't stellar.


I imagine a SPOILER or two will pop up below.

It's good too see Beckett is "suffering" a bit from her exile from Castleland. When Martha hugged her, clearly she was saddened. And she let slip a little smile when Castle told her she looked gorgeous.

I think the strong point of this episode was a few good supporting players. Specifically:

- Billy O'Rourke, who made fast friends with Castle, and who couched every supposition about his involvement with "hypothetically," coached by Castle.

Quick aside: Though I harbor no delusions of being an actor, if I did ever act on stage, on TV, etc., it would be fun to play a character like that.

- Eric Logan, who decimated Castle, Esposito, and Ryan with his blunt truths.

A few lines of note:

Alexis: "Dad, when it comes to your sex life, how about we stick with the Afterschool Special version?"
Castle: "Fair enough."

Quick aside 2: I remember the ABC Afterschool Specials. Are they still around? If not, the reference is a stretch for someone born around 1995.

Castle: "Did you know that before writing a single word of The Butcherbird Song, Moffett spent seven years living as a drug-addicted Eskimo."

O'Rourke: "Neither of us ordered pigs wrapped in Kevlar. Get out."

Followed closely by...

Castle: "They're my cops."

Alexis: "Should we?" (run after the allegedly blind priest)
Castle: "Damn it. Yes."

OK, I think I have to close with a nitpick. I get that P.J. Moffett was supposed to have led a reclusive life after publishing The Butcherbird Song. But in this day and age, there would be photos of him somewhere. The point being, if a world-renowned author started courting me (were I single, of course), I imagine I would run a Google search or two. I'm just sayin' ...

Feel free to share your thoughts about "What Lies Beneath."

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  1. If P.J. Moffett was a pseudonym from 20-30 years ago, then they wouldn't necessarily have pictures of him. Stephen King wrote anonymously for 8 years. He did it while writing multiple books under both names. So if Moffett wanted to keep one book a secret from the pre-internet era, I think it would be pretty easy.