Monday, October 5, 2015

Castle: XX

by Michael Seese

The second part of the Castle season opener, "XX," played out pretty much as I figured it would, albeit with a few twist, otherwise known as ...



I thought the way they wove in the backstory of what happened the day of XY -- with Rita saying, "Tell me what went down" --  was a neat idea. And I thought it was a really cool technique to move the camera out into the alley next to the theater and hear the gunshots -- and Beckett's grunt -- through the closed doors. Unfortunately, I missed a detail or two in the laundromat scene, as I had to close my eyes while Beckett was sewing herself up. (Yes, my wife told me I was a sissy.)

Quick aside: I liked Ann Cusack in this role. I didn't even know there was another acting Cusack.

So the first twist was Bracken winding up dead. I guess they figured the character had pretty much done all he could.

The second twist -- which disappointed me somewhat --  was Beckett's decision to leave at the end. Yeah, I get her whole "fight for justice and truth" attitude. But Rita was right. She now has other important people in her life, and the "suicide" gave her the out she needed to walk away. Though I have to say, I will be curious as to exactly how "Caskett On The Run" will play out.

A final note: I enjoyed the goodbye exchange between Alexis and Hayley. I could see her coming back every now and again. (And I STILL could see her and Esposito having a relationship.)

Not a lot of lines, but a few:

Vikram's comment that he didn't expect to be "hunted for sport by the Zero Dark 30 all stars."

Rita: "Oh god, no. I work for a different three-letter agency."

Castle: "OK, so did you guys get lost? Or were you waiting for the last possible second to save us?"
Esposito: "We were distracted in there. You've got a fully stocked bar, satellite TV."
Ryan: "We ordered some sushi on your credit card, so I hope you don't mind."

That's about it. Feel free to share your thoughts on "XX."


  1. I guess we're both sissies. I closed my eyes, too.

    I hated, hated, hated the ending! Not much of a marraige if you can't confide in your spouse.

  2. I HATE what TPTB have done to Beckett.

    They're destroying a show I've only recently come to start watching.

    And I don't trust Vikram. It feels like he's manipulating Beckett (and I feel even more strongly abt that aft seeing PhDead).

    1. You're probably right. But, he'll probably get shot eventually.