Monday, October 26, 2015

Janet Flash: The Dive

by Michael Seese

A busy Saturday (my wife and I actually had a date night) and Sunday morning (Cub Scout popcorn sales) meant I didn't have much time for the latest Janet Reid contest

We had to use these words

- eject
- chute
- plunge
- gape
- less

in a 100-word story.

I came up with the opening line Friday, then forgot about it until Sunday morning. I put my mind to it around 9:30, and posted it at 9:57, 3 minutes before the deadline. (Though someone else posted one two minutes later.)

So here is "The Dive."

You pray your parachute opens. Otherwise you're about to go Jackson Pollock on a bunch of people who paid to see an air show, not an art show.

Necks craned, they watch your plunge with a certain morbid fascination. In their minds, they reject the notion they want to see you fail. But their feckless souls call for your blood.

They hold their collective breath, and watch with one eye open as the greedy ground gapes its maw awaiting the meal.

Then, your silk spins out behind you, and you waft to the target.

They cheer, and go home.


I'm not sure about this one. We'll see what Janet thinks.

PS: The results posted between the time I wrote and posted this. Though I didn't win, she did cite the two opening lines. 

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