Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's November, Again

by Michael Seese

It's November. No, this is not a simple PSA to remind you to flip your calendar page. Dedicated fans of my blog (as well as people with too much time on their hands) might recall that in October 2013 and October 2014, I pledged to use the month to submit something, somewhere, every day. (The former even earned a shout-out from agent Janet Reid.)

This year, I made no such promise to myself. Mainly because I had a few hot irons in the fire.

  • There was a MASH flash fiction piece, which I always enjoy trying my hand at.
  • I bookended the month with stories written specifically for two open calls, one by Cantina Publishing and one by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.
  • Just days before the deadline I heard about a cool-sounding contest in the UK. Did that.
  • And I closed out the month by putting a little polish on NIGHTMARES, in preparation for putting it in front of an agent. (Yes, I've got high hopes for that one.)

So despite not "trying," I still managed to submit 14 "somethings," plus 5 Flash! Fridays, 5 Three Line Thursdays, and 1 Janet Reid 100-word flash. 

Not too bad, considering I wasn't trying.

And the best part is, out of the 15 somethings, only 2 have been rejected thus far. Keep your fingers crossed. 

So now it's November, and many of my fellow writers are knee-deep in NaNoWriMo. Though I don't formally participate, I am going to focus on my current WIP. All I will say is that it's a kind of spy thriller, but with a twist; sort of a Disney-Aeon Flux mashup. That one will be fun.


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