Sunday, November 8, 2015

Janet Flash: Gifts

by Michael Seese

So, yesterday afternoon my sons and I made a three-hour trek to Buffalo. We slept overnight on the USS Little Rock, a World War Two-era light cruiser. Well before the trip I had come up with the basic idea for my latest Janet Reid story, but for some reason couldn't brain write as I drove. (Well, not really some reason; if you've ever spent time with my youngest you'd understand.)

So after the Scouts were in bed at 10:30 I sat down to work on "Gifts," which needed to make use of 


The second peal faded into the cold night as Sonya switched off the light over the bar, locked the door, and went upstairs.

She looked at the hand-me-down gifts on her kitchen table and sighed. A mismatched train set. An Easy Bake Oven in need of a new 40-watt bulb. A Ruffians squeak toy scarred by its previous owner's teeth marks.

“It ain't no crime,” she said.

She thought about him, then rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

The clock struck three as she tied the last ribbon. Outside, snow began to fall.

Christmas was still real.

We shall know tomorrow if this tickled her fancy.

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