Saturday, December 12, 2015

Flash! Friday: Three Lives + Trinity

by Michael Seese


Below are my final two Flash! Friday entries.

Our charge this week was to start with the sentence On Friday everything changed, and use the picture


if we so chose. Oh, and the stories had to be exactly 100 words.

First, I wrote "Three Lives."

On Friday everything changed. And three lives found themselves irrevocably intertwined.

I remember driving, driving so fast. The oncoming headlights melded into a continuous blinding streak. I heard her screams. But they just fell into a queue labeled "sensory overload."

I awoke in the hospital, by my wife’s side. I was holding her hand. She lay still, as a nurse cleaned her up.

That day was a blur. In fact, the first two years were a blur. But on that Friday morning, after I heard my daughter cry for the first time, I knew everything had changed.

For the better.

Then I wrote "Trinity."

On Friday everything changed.

A primrose breeze carried the call of a cactus wren to our ears, as the warm sand  lovingly cradled my body. I closed my eyes, and opened them on a beach in Cancun.

Our honeymoon. Sweet, innocent times.

The loudspeaker brought me back.

When the voice reached, "Zero," a second sun arose. Yellow, then red, and then beautiful purple. At first it had a translucent character, but shortly turned to a tinted or colored white smoke appearance.

Seventeen days later, a second sun rose over Hiroshima. I doubt the people living there appreciated its deadly beauty.

And there is a Janet Reid contest underway. So check back tomorrow.

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