Monday, December 14, 2015

Mr. & Mrs. Castle

by Michael Seese

It took us a while to get to "Mr. & Mrs. Castle." A pretty good episode overall, though not one of my favorites.

Most of the time, I cite a lot of lines here. In "Mr. & Mrs. Castle," I thought a number of scenes turned out to be more noteworthy. The three which come to mind I could categorize as the good, the bad, and the ugly. Taking them out of order:

The autopsy scene was rather graphic. The victim got a lot of screen time on the table. Then when Perlmutter starts pulling the string from her throat... Eccch!

Good / great was the dance scene on the ship. Castle was hilarious as he faked his way through it.

Picky aside: he's a well-known author. None of the dancers recognized him?

Bad, since I managed to paint myself into a corner, would have been the phone scene between Castle and Beckett, where he's trying to keep her on the line while Hayley works to get a connection to Vikram's system ("Sorry about that. Just taking off my pants. Are you coming up?), and she realizes he's on to something. I suppose I could say it was "bad" because it was sad that they had to resort to trickery.

Picky geek aside #1: "Someone synced a RAT to one of my servers." Vikram called it a Remote Access Tool, though the more common name is Remote Access Trojan. It's a type of malware that gives an attacker literal control of your computer. And you download it, you don't sync it.

Picky geek aside #2: You don't "decrypt" firewalls.

On to the lines...

Martha: "I'm so glad you've agreed to consult with Richard. Maybe this money pit will turn a profit."

Beckett: "Found a floater at the 79th Street boat basin." (Funny, in a gruesome sort of way.)

Beckett: "Well she was shot in the head so unless she tripped and fell on a bullet, it wasn't an accident."

Castle: "Beckett, I think your crime scene's making a run for it."

Castle: "I was a professional square dancer. A lot less cardio."

Beckett: "Got anything?"
Castle: "A pulled groin and a potential clue."

And at the end, the über-cute:

Beckett: "Naked punishing?"
Castle: "Very naked punishing."



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