Sunday, January 10, 2016

Janet Flash: Driven To Lie

by Michael Seese

After an absence of several weeks, Janet Reid is back with another flash fiction contest. This week, we had to incorporate the words:


I started with the derivation of "shim," and came up with "Driven To Lie."

It was a lot to absorb, given my present state. The bright lights. The harsh hardness of the chair. The chilling blast from two fronts: the open window, and their reproachful glares.

The document before me bore no signature.


I tried to execute a bold plan of escape. My tongue stumbled over the words.

“I shimply can't shine anything now,” I said as the pen hit the floor.

“Let's wait until morning. Sunlight brings out the truth.”

But the truth would remain buried. Just like that poor girl on the bicycle.

That I was sober as a judge. And that it was my wife driving.

We'll find out Monday what Janet thinks. And please come back tomorrow. I have a wicked story for Cracked Flash that I just posted.

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