Monday, February 29, 2016

Castle: Witness For The Prosecution

by Michael Seese

OK, we're trying to catch up on Castle. Over the weekend we watched "Witness For The Prosecution," but couldn't get to any of the others saved in the DVR. So unfortunately, by my calculations we're still two episodes behind, with another on tonight. No rest for the weary.

Overall, I enjoyed "Witness." I suppose I should say...


I have to offer kudos to my wife, who almost immediately noticed that Castle didn't witness the murder itself, but its immediate aftermath.

I thought the court scene was well played, though it ultimately succumbed that whole rising-voice, finger-pointing courtroom drama cliche. Based on my (admittedly) limited exposure, most trials don't get that exciting; if they did, people would line up for jury duty. But the way the camera inverted as it followed Castle out the door was a neat trick.

Picky aside #1: I wasn't sure why Castle beat himself up over Caleb Brown's cornering him on the witness stand, potentially undermining the case. A bit later, in the precinct house, Prosecutor Weller underscored Castle's misplay by piling on. But Castle merely answered the questions presented to him by the defense; if he was unprepared, that's the fault of the Prosecutor.  

Picky aside #2: If Castle (the show) hadn't been on a winter-long hiatus, I might have remembered who Caleb Brown is, and why he is significant to Beckett's and Vikram's mission.

A few favorite lines:

Beckett: "Be charming. But not too charming."
Castle: "That's like telling Superman to not be too super."

Beckett: "Rubbing your nose? Yeah, that's really romantic."

And in response to Nina's comment about being a lesbian...
Castle: "A problem with me? No, check my search history."

Castle: "How would you like to have a main character named after you in my next book?"
Joanna: "How about a villain?"

That's all for "Witness For The Prosecution." What did you think? (If you can remember back that far.)

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