Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pleazy SPAM

by Michael Seese

This might be the lamest spam I have ever seen. 

Let us count...

1. Subject: Give Your Fob Price  What on Earth does that mean?

2. Does anyone know anybody named "Pleazy?"

3. Or, per the first line, "pleazy" ...

4. ... who works for the Obatesk Intl Compnay Ltd

5. I saw your product on the webpage  What product? What webpage? I don't sell any products.

6. in view that we will have good business relationship with your company now and in future   Is this Yoda?

7. This is first time for us to cooperate together   No, I'm pretty sure we've done business before. I always remember illiterate customers.

The email contained a ZIPped attachment
that no doubt delivers a malicious payload. 

My only lament is that Google doesn't seem to offer an easy way to report SPAM accounts. doesn't work. doesn't work. If anyone knows of a good way to report SPAM to Google, I'm all ears.

Oh, and be safe out there people. 

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